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PV Module Solar 50WP
PV Module Solar 50WP
PV Module Solar 50WP
PV Module Solar 50WP
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Solar PV Module 50WP

From the dizziness of all the prices on the rise Electricity PLN also participate up 3X fold ,, not yet kalo lisrtiknya voltage up and down ...
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Relax ,, gax confuse us ...
PLN dead electricity or outages there are replacing, Investment in the beginning only, already so efficient and environmentally friendly again ,, So no longer need to think about the electricity budget which is increasingly rising day increasing its price ...
Here we offer Energy Saving Products
- Solar Panel / Solar Cell
- Controler
- Battery
- LED Lamp DC / AC
Here also available existing packages such as:
General solar street light (PJUTS), traffic, and others. Very easy installation.

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